Silhouette 36

  • strings


  • range


  • weight

    25 lbs

  • height


Spruce & Cedar
Yes & Neck Cap
Set of Camacs Levers
Curly Maple Binding
Custom soft case included
$6,995 for Nylon
$7,295 for Fluorocarbon
+ $395
+ $300
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Silhouette 36 fluorocarbon strings (option of nylon strings for $5895.00)

We decided after many years of great success with the Celtic 34, to model a 36 string harp using the same lovely design features. The Silhouette is designed to celebrate 40 years in business, taking into account the size, sound and exquisite lines of the Celtic. With 2 additional strings at the top, the 36 string range is desired by many harpists. Since the fluorocarbon strings do sound best in the mid range, this harp is designed for a mix of nylon, fluorocarbon and base wire strings. The Silhouette, like the Celtic, has a forepillar and a neck "cap" which works well for our custom laser and carved enhancements.

Why the Silhouette?

This harp is perfect for the person that wants a full 36 range harp, loves the sound of fluorocarbon strings and wants a harp that is easily transportable. This harp also has slightly lighter tension than our nylon strung harps. If you prefer an easier touch, this is the harp for you! You can also have this harp strung up with the nylon strings which will give the harp a lighter tension than the Celtic 34. Like our higher end models, the Eclipse and Signature, the Silhouette comes in stavedback for sustained comfort while playing .