Baltic Birch/Hardwood Veneer
Set of Camacs included
25 String price
26 String price
lap bar
+ $95
backpack case
+ $25
Shoulder Strap
+ $90
Display stand
+ $150
Standing Bar
+ $225
Full size Standing Bar
+ $275
+ $300
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While attending a music show, I was privileged to meet with international therapy harpist Tina Tourin. We discussed therapy harps and agreed that they should be designed to benefit both the player and listener. At the same time, our precious niece Christina was undergoing treatments for a rare type of cancer. She bravely fought long and hard and has inspired many people to achieve wonderful things in their own lives. We hope this special therapy harp will help many who need it, and they feel Christina's special love continuing to beam down from above.

Why the Christina?

This harp is the perfect solution if you are playing or going to be playing while standing. The way we join the neck into the body (instead of on top of the body) you can see over the harp to look at patients (hospital setting) or band members. It has a fantastic range, a full balanced tone and is very light in weight. This harp has standard string spacing so changing from your larger harp to this one is not an issue. We also can put the electronic pickup into this model is you are going to be using it in situations where you need to be amped.

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