Celtic 34

  • strings


  • range


  • weight

    25 lbs

  • height


Spruce & Cedar
Yes & Neck Cap
Set of Camacs Levers
Curly Maple Binding
Custom soft case included
stavedback back body price
+ $395
+ $550
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Celtic II 34 String

At Triplett Harps, we are dedicated to constant development. The Celtic II 34 String has been designed to surpass even its renowned predecessor, the Celtic. With its traditional or staved back option, the Celtic II goes beyond the full balance tone and stability that has made it an industry standard. With its petite stature, this "fine line" harp is recommended for its ease of transport, since it will fit in the back seat of almost any car.

The Celtic II has a forepillar and a neck "cap" which works well for our custom laser and carved enhancements. The CelticII's bottom note is a "C" which is perfect for the player who wants a sufficient range. This harp is offered in both the traditional square back body and the comfortable staved back body.

Why the Celtic II 34?

This harp is perfect for the person that wants a harp that will fit easily into their car and still have a full voice. The Celtic II has been a favourite of many teachers and students because of its range and tonal qualities. The staved back option makes this harp very comfortable.