• Harp Pickup

Integrated Acoustic-Electric Harp Pickup

For musicians who are looking for the finest pickups, we are excited to offer the Highlander Electro/Acoustic harp. This revolutionary pickup runs the length of the soundboard, and is completely embedded into the wood. Since the pickup is active in all directions, it responds to every string evenly with beautiful warmth and crystal clarity. This is a major leap forward in the amplification of these remarkably complex instruments. The pickup can only be installed during the manufacturing of the Harp.

When you look into the back of our Electro/Acoustic harp the wires are virtually invisible; all you see is a preamp tucked discretely inside the base of the harp. This wiring is all hidden within the wood utilizing one multidirectional active specialized cable, which picks up the true acoustic sound and every nuance of the instrument.

The pickup system is available on any new Triplett Harp (For Only $395.00). This price includes the hardware and installation of a pickup, streamline preamp, and a stereo jack.