• cases & wheels

Travel Cases & Wheels

All our foldable cases are made at our factory to fit each Triplett harp perfectly. We use a heavy corder for the outside of the case, fleece on the inside and Naugahyde to protect the levers and tuning pins.

The case is water replant so you can take it out in the rain....for a short bit! We use only made in the USA products for these lovely, easy to use cases. If you need help putting on your case, click here for video directions.

  • The Wheel Addition

    Price $150.00 for the case to be set up with the wheels and the wheel assembly.

  • Wheels Only

    $100.00 for just the wheels only.

  • The Backpack Case

    When ordering your small harp (this case only works with the small models ….28 strings and less) consider the back pack case for ease of transport. Traditional colour is blue. Price add $25.00 to the case price.

  • The Christina Backpack Case

    Consider the back pack case for ease of transport. All our Christina cases come in purple unless you request our traditional blue. Price $185.00



    • 22 String Case: $150
    • 22 String Case with Backpack Straps: $175
    • 25 & 26 String Case: $175
    • 25 & 26 String Case with Backpack Straps: $200
    • 28 string case: $225
    • 30 String Case: $275
    • 34 String Case: $320
    • 36 & 38 String Case: $350