proudly built in the usa
  • “I’ve had a Triplett harp for many years, and of all the harps I own my Celtic 34 is the most full-bodied and resonant. Its fine craftsmanship allows me to gain the maximum sound output with a minimum effort.”

    Nancy Donohue, North Miami, F

  • “I have never played a harp that talks to me the way this does- it seems to invite me to try different things. The sound has already enchanted those that have heard it- and it blends so beautifully with the Irish flute.”

    Judy Hinch

  • “I have played Triplett harps on every single recording and every live show I've ever done. Love the sound, love the feel. I am always at home on a Triplett harp.”

    Lisa Lynne, San Francisco, CA

  • “When considering superior tone, playability, structural design integrity and overall beauty...all roads lead to Triplett Harps.”

    Rick Sands, Collector/Musician, MA

  • “I have played many harps over the years, but I keep coming back to Triplett harps. The full sound and the fact that you can play not only softer or louder, but with emotion, I have only found this on the Triplett Harps.”

    Teresa Williams, Hawaii