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Triplett Harps is pleased to announce the Niño series, the newest members of the Triplett Harps family. The Niño was designed and developed to give children "a harp of their own." In addition to its enchanting appeal to young harpists, these 30-string and 34-string harps have all the fine features for which Triplett Harps are known. To help facilitate the child's right hand reach, this narrow-bodied harp has a full sound and is light in weight! With the Niño's custom fabric sound body option, children and adults can choose a harp that has special meaning to them - it is truly one of a kind.
Height: 48 ½ inches
Weight: 17 ½ pounds
Strings: 30 nylon & Composite strings
Range: Low G up to high A
Levers: Sharping levers upon request
Case: Fleece-lined case upon request
Soundboard: Baltic-Birch/Maple veneer
Neck & Pillar: Mahogany
Back: Fiberglass and fabric
With C & F levers: $1,825
With full set of Camac levers: $2,245
Full Camac levers & Case: $2,495

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